A little bit about me

Hi, I'm Tracy and I'm a 30-something from the glorious Garden of England. By day I am the Contracts Coordinator for a sign maintenance company. By night (or more accurately any free moment I have when I'm not eating or sleeping) I am a Rainbow and Senior Section Leader and Trainer for Girlguiding, an Independent Younique Presenter and an amateur book folder (it's not cruelty to books, it's giving them a new lease of life).

I am part of the most beautifully blended family and am blessed to have three fantastic parents including a mum and step-mum who are best friends - how awesome is that?! I have two half-brothers who have the most amazing families and made me the proudest auntie on the planet. I also have (although cousin by blood - it's a long story) a fabulous 'little' sister. I say 'little' because although she's 15 months younger than me, but quite a bit taller than me (not difficult really). 

But why Gloriously Ungraceful?
This blog started life as Tracy's Glorious Year as I wanted to use it to document what I got up to during 2016. As I got into my flow though, I realised that I actually have quite a lot to say and wanted to continue into 2017 which meant a name change was required.

In September 2016 I became an Independent Younique Presenter and named my business Gloriously Graceful using my blog as inspiration. My business name has now inspired the new name for this blog. Anyone who knows me will agree that I am often clumsy, uncoordinated and, as my mum likes to call me, cack-handed. So while the "Younique" me is Gloriously Graceful, the "real" me is very much Gloriously Ungraceful.

So what do you write about?
Anything and everything that happens in my life really. In the past I’ve written about my holidays, things I get up to with Girlguiding, courses and events I attend… that sort of thing. I also try to write ‘Favourites’ posts once a month which gives you a little insight into my likes.

In addition to regular posts about what I've been up to, you can visit my pages above for a look at some of my book folds and follow my Voyage Award shenanigans as a member of the Trefoil Guild. I've also started a page about my favourite things which I like to look at when I'm feeling a little down. I add to it whenever I think of something new so keep an eye on it.



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